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The Guardian report regarding Ethiopian Athlets

Broadcasted by: Fana Broadcasting Corporate
FIFA’s slogan ” MY PLAY IS FAIR ” comes in  to vision every where , since Russia 2018  football world cup is coming soon. This remind me to do two things.The first is to look again at the guardian report of Friday 4 August 2017 which came up with the title ” inside the doping hotspot of Ethiopia : dodgy testing and EPO over the counter.” The second is to review the mentioned guardian investigative report and post @ communicationhahu.com.This is  my contribution as reviewers teaching aid for fair news hahu/abc.

Even  though tournaments fair play is a pleasure, unfair tournament reports are heart breaking. But for me as a  fair tournament report hungry reader  the gurdian  investigation report of Friday 4 August 2017  initiates me to contribute a  teaching aid for fair news hahu/abc as the following :

📌 The guardian report of Friday 4 August 2017 discomforts  me  by  its inclusion of irrelevant information at the expense of relevant.
Reviewed on 2018-03-15 03:22:47
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